I Often

Take it, take it


Take it, take it



Talking in circles/ Everything is systematic

Pause time, rewind/ Murder modern day

Walking in circles/ Everything's an anesthetic/ Pause time, rewind/ Desert eyes building a mirage


Take, take, take, take, take, take, take/

Never give, give, give, give, give, give, give/ I often wonder about us/ Take, take, take, take, take, take everything/ Give, give, give, give give nothing/ Are we selfish pigs


Pushing in circles/ Everyone is problematic/ Pause time, rewind/ Penny for our thoughts is a funny joke/ Cause when it comes to wisdom we're all fucking broke/ Dying in circles/ Everyone is apathetic/ Pause time, rewind/ Love through the darkest hate/ Dog eat dog now


One thing....tell me.....


Where did we go wrong/ All self worth is measured by self gain/ Every pat on the back/ It's just knives driven in/ We're all a means to an end

Designer clothes and mansions for show, (let me know) what's the value in the end (Tell me) When you exhale that final breath/ Nothing's left what's your value in the end


Never again will I leave you staring at the ceiling, contemplating everything/ I'm a worn out sweater with rips and stains, out of date, but I promise to keep you warm

I am here and now, no more now and then/ Take that to heart cause my lungs are connected to yours/ Don't know what I was thinking when I said I needed breathing room

My heart is a crystal ball that's predicting there's no future/ Cause you're the tarot card that gave me hope, struck a match and I burned it/ I feel guilty, so damn filthy/ let's rebuild from our ashes

When you spoke I was deaf/ Zoned out not myself/ It's no excuse for all that I put you through/ I rip out my own soul, replace what is broke/ Reincarnate love everlasting

I want you/ I need you/ I crave you

If i'm breathing, swear i'm never leaving you/ My lungs are yours

Outlaws Of 

Goodbye rules and regulations/ Hormones ran on a petition, signed our brains resignation/ So let us trip in love to the DJ's auto-tune and break dance to this monotony called "the music scene"


Who needs chemistry, animals go with their instincts/ Screw guilt, screw shame, on that note skip the foreplay/ Who needs clarity, such vivid fun when you're tipsy/ Strobe light you can't fight....not like you would anyway, you'd trade your soul just to play


I wake up tied to your bedpost/ Face to face with an issue that your bra is filled with tissue/ You smile with a five o' clock shadow on your face and say you hope my judgement's not the only thing that blows


Conscious, unconscious/ Head is half baked, soul's completely fried/ Wasted engagement, with this rubber ring I thee wed


Come be my saddle, cold blooded mammal 


Hey bro don't cha think you need to evaluate your soul/ Life's a time bomb ticking, ticking ready to explode (you know) No, you don't know/ Cuz you're too busy trying to walk in my shoes, I can moonwalk on a tight rope before you tie your own two/ I don't need your opinion, I gotta brain for decisions


Hysterical/ Love to run that lip while your life goes to shit/ Hysterical/ Yeah, you let your mouth outrun your brain/ Hysterical is the fact that I could careless what you think is best, go preach to someone else


My life's not a court and you'll never be the judge/ Intuition doesn't fit so you know you must acquit (yeah) but you don't know how/ Enjoying every second of pointing out flaws/ If I'm injured in the water smell blood like jaws/ One word for people like you, I'll refrain let you conclude 

Crashing Down

Don"t need a cold beer, my thoughts are already unclear/ Oh tell me waiter, could you flavor my past/ Cause I've swallowed all my tomorrows with the pain of yesterday

When it all comes crashing down, who will I blame this time/ Lost cause trapped in the jaws of time and space; life has no face/ When it all comes crashing down, who will I blame this time/ Solution could start with me, but I'm the problem

Regrets' contradictive task: burying the future, digging up my past/ Dreams have no reason, they're just for easing the blow/ I'm on my last nerve/ One bridge left to blow; it's in my head

Long Overdue

When I was young, I found a friend who'd comfort me with chords and riffs/ It became my shovel to bury you under/ You found your way back just like a ghost/ My confidence you haunt the most/ Honestly I want to tell you thanks/ Thanks for giving me existence/ Smother me with your distance

I think it's been long overdue that 1986 comes haunting you/ A peaceful January burned to the ground/ Hey October, lay your head on my shoulder/ Feel it as it grows cold/ It's the only thing I ever learned from you

If retrospect was a running car, i'd park it crunk in a closed garage/ Let the monoxide choke you out to a lost thought/ All that's left is a sour taste/ Reached out, but you pushed away/ No one to blame but your own self/ Thanks for giving me existence/ Now smother me with your distance

People like you, but they don't know you/ I see past your synthetic smile/ Go drown in your issues, no one will miss you/ You sleep in the bed you made/ I'll tuck you in